Saturday, May 3, 2014

Successful Saturday

I woke up this morning and weighed - and yes! Im down another pound!  Im 5 pounds less than when i started taking Nature-throid.  I have been very careful to get healthy foods for the week ahead and I have given some food to my mother (which makes me feel good since she is living on a low fixed income).  When I got home I made crab salad :
Imitation crab cute up into little pieces,  cucumbers diced up very small,  1/4 cup ranch dressing,  1/2 cup light mayo and dill weed (teaspoon) --- proportions can change to your taste.  This it's a light snack or lunch.  low caloric and full of protein
Another thing to know is; I did not have any alcohol and the temptation was there for sure! Not only did I lay in the sun on my deck and listen to Hootie and The Blowfish on Pandora but my husband and I grilled out burgers --- well typically  this would be a  time we would hang out and have a few beers (talking,  chilling,  listening to music or a comedian). And on top of that my husband wanted tho have a beer really bad (Saturday wind down) for him.... but I remained strong and sipped a sparkling strawberry lemonade. While making this good choice today I was reminded about why I have started this journey.  I will see thin again!

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