Friday, May 23, 2014

School is out for summertime

Honestly, it scares me a little bit. Because with more freedom of time there is more room 2 overindulge. But I am too excited today about having basically 60 days to refresh and refocus for the next school year. I'm going out for dinner and drinks tonight with friends and I'm going to try not to over do it ;-) it is a sense of happiness when you drive out of the school parking lot and you know you have all summer off !!! I have lost the weight I gained over field days! I really don't want to mess the momentum I've created up, but on the other hand I do wanna relax and have fun for one night. I don't want to lose ground though so balance is key :-) I am so excited that I worked hard for two weeks and I was able to have a loss show up on the  scales. I don't want to mess that up again so I must remember that tonight. Celebrating sensibly ---- that is what I will be doing.

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