Thursday, May 15, 2014

20 days on Nature-throid

It has been 20 days since starting nature throid. I can tell a huge difference, and I know that it is helping my metabolism there is no doubt. I have more energy and the overeating I have done has not  amounted to much weight gain. I have blocked my success with stress eating :with all these things going on here at the end of the school year. But, I have been working out really great this week and I'm feeling so good- and isn't that really important? I think that the future for me is going to include a much fitter & thinner version of myself. I'm excited and l  must shift  my mentality in the area of freedom when it comes to eating or over eating or consuming more than one alcohol beverage with is freedom to want to make healthy choices!  It is amazing how everything works together mind, body spirit, and I'm determined to strike a balance that I'm currently getting closer to. I plan on weighing on sunday and hopefully the goal is to be back to what I had lost down 2 in the first 10 days of taking nature throid. This week I ran and did a spin class ,I did Zumba on Tuesday. Today is my son's graduation and the best thing for me to do is try to consume under calorie goal. But isn't that just it? We must continue to set goals ----- for it is the small choices and consequences that add up to the life we lead. 

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