Friday, June 6, 2014

Goal for vacation

I'm heading to lovely Florida for a week. Lots of eating out and lazy days ahead. My goal is just not to gain weight this week. I want to come back within 2-4 lb.s of my current weight (176). So really what I mean is not gain any substantial weight. I do not want to back pedal so much that I create another obstacle to overcome. I would rather enjoy healthy fresh foods and some treats. I'm going to attempt 25/75 diet this upcoming week. That is make 75% of what I eat nutritious lean food --- then eat a treat or two. I also plan on being active as much as possible. Do not get me wrong I'm going to relax but I do want to keep in the back of my head the fact that I do not want to lose so much ground that it is a battle just to get back where I am now. Wish me luck. 

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