Sunday, April 27, 2014

3rd day/ more energy/calcium free breakfast

This is the third day that I have taken nature-throid. I have to say, that I am feeling a little more energetic and wonder if it's not just all in my head. But if it is not ---this is very exciting! I cannot wait to see if I lose weight this week so coming up on Thursday I probably will weigh and update if there was any loss. Today my main concern was not having any calcium for 4 hours after taking the medication. Previously I was told that I can eat just about anything after an hour of taking the medicine. But I have been reading some things that indicate that you really don't want to have any calcium for the first 4 hours so I have been researching and coming up with non dairy breakfast. And another interesting thing, did you know that oranges have calcium.? I didn't! Here are some other non-dairy breakfast ideas

These pancakes are really just bananas and eggs and baking powder mixed upand then fried on a pan with cooking spray they look yummy I think I will try this tomorrow!

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